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Monthly Club terms

Here's how the monthly club works:

Purchase as many page kits and print and cuts as you'd like, if you want them shipped to you right away select USPS Priority mail in the shipping options. 

 If you want us to hold it until the end of the month select on your first order of the month Monthly club (first order of month). 

If you want to add on more during the month and you already paid shipping this month select Monthly Club Add on in the shipping options.  You can do this as many times as you want in that month for the same shipping costs.

We will ship the monthly club orders the first week of the next month.

You don't need to sign up for the monthly club, just select it in the shipping options. There is no subscription or contracts, it just is a great way to save you money on shipping costs.

Please make sure you complete the whole check out process or your order will not be held for you, we can't tell whats in your shopping cart unless the check out is completed.

The monthly club shipping costs only apply to United States customers. International customers will need to get a quote on shipping costs.

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